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Nature-impoverished intensively-managed grouse moors cover over...

More than three-quarters of a million acres of Britain’s national parks are covered by intensively-managed grouse moors which leave nature... read more

05.08.2021 • By Rewilding Britain

Government urged to create wilder national parks to tackle nature and...

Government action is needed to make Britain’s national parks much wilder and fit for purpose to tackle the nature and climate crises, says... read more

08.06.2021 • By Rewilding Britain

Rewilding boosts jobs and volunteering opportunities, study shows

Rewilding marginal land can significantly boost job numbers and volunteering opportunities while increasing action to restore nature and tackle... read more

12.03.2021 • By Rewilding Britain

Britain’s climate zones shifting 5km a year – nature recovery era needed...

Britain’s climate zones are shifting by up to five kilometres a year because of rising temperatures – with potentially catastrophic impacts for... read more

29.10.2020 • By Rewilding Britain

Natural regeneration key to doubling woodlands and saving Britain’s...

Allowing trees to naturally establish over huge areas could massively expand Britain’s woodlands more effectively and at a fraction of the cost of... read more

04.09.2020 • By Rewilding Britain

New network to spearhead rapid rewilding across Britain

A new project spearheading rapid and massively upscaled rewilding will be launched by Rewilding Britain later this year, to tackle the nature and... read more

22.07.2020 • By Rewilding Britain